beach robes

Turkish Towels, Terry Towels, Beach robes, Bath Robes, Scarfs, Shawls, Throws.

All natural fibre; cotton, bamboo, viscose.

Turkish Towels, or as locally known as Peshtemals, are known for their softness, light weight and versatility. Made from 100% high quality natural fibers (cotton, bamboo and viscose). Bamboo and viscose (plant fibres) adds extra softness. They are the best towels reached us through the centuries long Turkish bath (hammam) culture. Quick to dry, very absorbent and compact to carry to beach, gym, spa, picnic, pool.

Linen fabric will not collect outdoor dust and dirt, which makes it practical as throw on sand or grass. Turkish Towels are ideal as beach dress or as gown after bath, as they will wrap aound easier and will hold the knot better. As well as being practical, Turkish Towels are fun, too.

There are many patterns and colors available to change the mood of any room, may it be a living room or bathroom.

turkish towels